Burgers On The Grill

Summer time means so many things to my family.  Each summer I have the kids make a list of what will make their summer special to them.  It’s always so sweet to read those lists.  I have been saving them for years now.  {Someday I will have time to make scrapbooks with those lists and lots of pictures.}  Anyway, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner on the patio makes the list every year.

This year, my youngest son decided that he was ready to become a burger expert and wanted to learn how to make burgers on the grill.  I love that a 13 year old things that way. My husband is only too happy to hand off the long handled spatula to the younger generation.

So we are going to share our favorite burgers with you.  The bowl of white pulp in front on the left is an onion that I pulverized in the food processor.  If you don’t have a food processor, then you can grate the onion on a cheese grater to get the same effect.   You also need some ground beef.  {I prefer to use a fattier blend for burgers on the grill.}  You can add salt and pepper if you want to…I don’t.  And finally Worcestershire sauce is an absolute must for these burgers.  I bought a big huge package of ground beef at the warehouse.  I am making 4 ounce burgers.  I have found that a 1/2 cup ice cream scoop of burger is about the perfect amount of burger.

Now, we add a dash of Worcestershire sauce for each burger you are making and the grated onion.  One large onion is enough for roughly 12 four ounce burgers.

It all gets mixed together…with your hands.  🙂  You can try it with a wooden spoon, but it’s just a pain to do it that way.

Time to make your burgers.  A slightly rounded scoop is the perfect sized burger.  I am basically making the biggest meatball ever.  If you have another way of dividing your meat up, that will work just fine too.

I use a couple of sheets of wax paper on a plate and then start adding the burgers patties.  {I use pre-cut wax paper sheets and you will need a couple of those sheets under your first layer of burgers.  The burger juice will seep through a single sheet.}  After the burgers are on the grill cooking,  remove the wax paper and you have a clean plate to put the burgers on as they are coming off the grill.

We have to talk about forming that meat into a grill worthy burger.

Here is my advice on what not to do.  See on the right how the edge of the burger is super thin?  But the burger on the right is nice and thick?  Burger on the left is what we are looking for.  We do not want super thin edges.  They will burn and cook much more quickly than the middle of the burger.

Edges are a big deal when you are making your own patties.  See these cracked edges?  They are going to burn and then they are going to fall off.  So, let’s recap.  You want to form patties that have thick and smooth edges for the best burger possible.


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